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  1. Find your most convenient way to the Cheras Kajang Expressway or Semenyih town.

  2. If using the Cheras Kajang Expressway, head towards Kajang/Semenyih and take Exit 2101A Kajang Selatan: Rinching/Semenyih.

  3. Zerorise your trip meter at the traffic light junction.

  4. After 500m you will come to a 2nd traffic light. Proceed straight.

  5. 900m further up, you will come to the 3rd traffic light near a mosque. Turn left here into Jalan Sg Lalang (B19). If you are on Waze, it may prompt you to make a left turn earlier into Jalan 1, a 100m before the traffic light and then another left turn after 190m into Jalan Sg Lalang (B19).

  6. Travel in direction of Nirvana for about 3.0km and take a right turn into Jalan Sri Haneco (Fish Valley).

  7. After 450m turn left into Jalan 1 Kawasan Perindustrian Hi-Tech 2 and keep to this road until you see the KLMBH canopy.


Please park neatly along the roadside without obstructing traffic going in and out of the industrial park. There will be heavy lorries going in and out even on a weekend.


Expect plenty of pleasurable pain! It's gonna be somewhat like a no-pain-no-gain affair. Rest assured you will be amply rewarded with each climb. Climax will be the Stairway to Heaven after which you will be pampered with a wunnerful singletrack descent all the way back down to your cars!

Both Long and Short will start together with a warm up on a mix of tar, gravel and sandy roads. At the 2.5km point, Short and Long riders will separate. Short riders will take a right turn here whereas Long riders will take a left just a bit further up.

Short riders will hit the offroad proper sections at about the 5km point, cutting across an oil palm plantation with some nice views to the right if you care to look. Do watch out for a sharp left turn at the bottom of a singletrack. Also to exercise caution as the singletrack can be covered with slippery moss and rutted in parts.

The Short will rejoin the Long at the 6.5km point and continue for another 7km to home, making a total ride distance of 13.5km and total elevation gain of only 400m +/-, including the Stairway to Heaven.

For the Long riders, after splitting from the Short, you will hit the offroad sections 3km further up the road. From here on, it's a mixture of oil palm, rubber, secondary forest, orchards and durian plantations over 4 hills. The Long will rejoin with the Short at about the 21km point before hitting the Stairway to Heaven which is a 1.5km climb mostly rideable to all riders except for the last 400m. Walk it if you have to. It will be well worth the effort! The pleasure thereafter is immeasurable!

Total ride distance for the Long is about 27km with total elevation gain of 700m +/-, much less than that of the Bentong hash last month. 😊

There will be no checks or falsies. Just stay on paper!


As the ride will take us through a number of private orchards and durian plantations, please do NOT pluck or pick any fruits that you may chance upon.

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