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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

  • Date: SUNDAY 26TH JUNE 2022

  • Time: 09:15 for the briefing, 09:30 sharp for On On

  • Hares: Caesar “The Doctor”Ang, Carlo Ricotta “Cavallo”, Tarik Alkhalil “Goose”, Saad “Big Disk” Khoury,, Paul “Bell End Red” Welfare, Cristian “Pussy Hunter” Correddu, Andrew “Buck” Rodgers, Vaidotas Abaravicus, Foo Ming Huang, Alan Vaughn, Glenn “ Husky” Watman, Ben Challenger, Sam “ Ah Siong” Yap

  • GPS Coordinates: 3°30'34.1"N 101°52'32.0"E

Getting There:

  1. Follow Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang and E8 to Jalan Kuala Lumpur/Route 68 in Kampung Rasia, Bentong. Take exit 808-Bentong Barat from Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/E8. Merge onto Lebuhraya Duta - Ulu Kelang/E33

  2. 3.1km Take exit 3303 toward Kuantan/Genting Highlands/Gombak

  3. Continue onto Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/E33

  4. Keep right to stay on Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/E33

  5. Merge onto Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/Route 28

  6. Use the left 2 lanes to take the E8 ramp to Kuantan/G. Highlands

  7. Continue onto Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/E8

  8. Take exit 808-Bentong Barat toward Route 8/Bentong/Raub/Kuala Lipis

  9. Follow Jalan Kuala Lumpur/Route 68, Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang and Jalan Chamang/C136 to your destination

  10. Turn right onto Jalan Kuala Lumpur/Route 68

  11. Turn left onto Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Gua Musang/Route 8

  12. Turn left onto Jalan Chamang/C136

  13. 13. 5.1 km Turn left down and follow the road until you reach the newly built bridge. Park near there and do not obstruct traffic. Please check the below photo for the turning off the road and the drone footage for parking.

You can only expect the best from this bash. The start is from a sandy riverside location, perfect for a cooling dip after your chosen ride and you can also wash off most of the ride mud. There are three choices of ride: kids ride, short ride and the long ride.

The Kids Ride

6.5 Km; total elevation 36 meters.

The kids ride is just that, almost zero gradient but scenic around the dam, over the dam bridge and plenty of muddy puddles. Lots of opportunities for spectacular pictures, as you amble along these easy trails. We recommend you choose the short rather than 2x Kids ride as the newly cut downhill is a real must-try. You can always do the short and add the Kids if you have anything left.

The Short & Long Ride

Short 15 Km; total elevation 478 meters

Long 23 Km; total elevation 800 meters

Both rides set out on the flat, passing the Kids loop which escapes to the left. Ahead is a shady climb and a descent through some palm plantation and an Orang Asli kampung opening up towards the top of the hill where the long splits left. The short continues up to spectacular views in all directions, this is a wow photo opportunity and time to gather your thoughts. The long descends on a surprising new hardpack clay road (that was a single trail last week), through an orchard then along the river to main road. After around 800m on the road, the route cuts back into the off-road trail climbing up to meet the short route home and the same wow photo opportunity.

Both the long and short include the new downhill single trail. Without Glenn’s generous donation of some first-class Husqvarna battery powered heavy cutting gear, The Usual Suspects could not have cut the brand new, gently sloping downhill trail through some virgin jungle. This enjoyable section is totally rideable, with some care to avoid any hidden ruts (the worst will be marked with hazard tape); ending up in a shallow (think 5cm deep stream and not the Scott Roberts 2m deep river) stream which again is mostly rideable for all abilities even e-bikers with “waterproof” bikes. This is surreal and a must-do experience.

After around 700m of riding along the mostly covered stream, the ascent through the durian plantation is followed by another great descent turning left across the same stream and up to a weird/spectacular concrete treehouse construction, for sure another photo opp. From here it is pretty much down hill through Anthony’s private land (please be polite and try to keep the noise down as Anthony kindly let us pass through which was essential in making the ride work).

We loved creating this ride, it is memorable for the beautiful scenery, riding the covered stream, the weird concrete treehouse, the fresh air and views; well worth the journey out of KL as is eating at BH.



We would like to recommend a few places to eat while you are at Bentong.

Here’s is a list of places the Bentong boys have recommended to the KLMBH:

Big House Restaurant 大屋海鲜美食坊

No. 148a, kg kemansur, 28700 Bentong, Pahang (

Here you’ll have lots of parking space and over 25 stalls to choose from. Lots of seating area and you don’t forget to pack some Tau Foo Pok at RM 1.90 each or they sell it for a freshly vacuum pack of 10 at RM19.00.

Kedai Kopi Tiga Satu Enam 316 Kopitiam 316 茶室

kampung Kemansur, H316Lorong Aman 2邮政编码: 28700 (

For Char Kueh Teow or Curry Mee lovers, why not try 316 Kopitiam which is a 2 minute walk from Big House Restaurant

Gerai Medan Selera 15

Medan Selera Kg Baru Bentong Jalan Ketari (

If you love your morning Nasi Lemak, you must come to Gerai Medan Selera no.15 to have your breakfast. Stall no 15 is famous for their sticky rice (pulut) with Rendang.


Jalan Dato Poo Yew Choy, 28700 Bentong, Pahang (

For coffee lovers, this Kopitiam serves the best local coffee. Located 4 shop house behind the Indian Temple. It closes at 3 pm

A1 Coffee Shop Bentong 文冬河边A1

Jalan Chan Sang, Kampung Perting, 28700 Bentong, Pahang (

This A1 shop is locally know and not too crowded. They are known for their Curry Mee and Hokkien Mee.

For Durian Lovers Bentong is also famous for their Durians.

We’ve been told the current wholesale price for Musang King Durians are selling for a minimum of 40 durians at about RM 33 a kilo ( B fruits ). We’ve also been told the prices do go up slightly during the weekends and holidays. We cannot tell you where to buy but I am sure if you are the locals or visit the market, you’ll find many there. If you go to the market, I am sure they will only sell you 1 durian if that what you desire at Bentong prices.

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