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Updated: Sep 1, 2020


  • Date: Sunday, 6th September 2020

  • Venue: Bukit Beruntung

  • Time: 09:15 for the briefing, 09:30 sharp for On On

  • Hares: The Usual Suspects: Caesar Ang “Doctor”, Carlo Ricotta “Cavallo”, Tarik Alkhalil “Goose”, Saad Khoury “Plastic Pedals”, Paul “Truckwa**er” Welfare, Cristian Correddu “Pussy Hunter”, Thomas Liebherr “mancrane”, Husqvarna Glenn, Vaidotas, Gediminas & Dominykas Abaravicius, Foo Ming Huang and Andrew “Buck” Rogers.

  • GPS Coordinates: 3°24'5.44"N 101°32'32.08"E (Waze Link | Google Maps Link)

Getting There:

  1. From KL follow Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan/E1 (NKVE) toward Ipoh

  2. Take Exit 118 - Bkt. Beruntung toward Bkt. Beruntung/Serendah/Batang Kali

  3. After exiting the toll, turn right at the traffic light onto Route 3208 towards Bukit Sentosa (Bukit Beruntung)

  4. At the 1st set of traffic lights go straight

  5. At the 2nd traffic light turn right toward Prima Beruntung

  6. Continue going straight for 3km and you’ll see a row of abandoned shop lots on your right, park here.

4 Ride options to choose from:

  1. The Super Short (Kids Ride) is a superb loop suitable for all abilities only 8 Km 200-meter elevation

  2. The Short ride is 17 Km 380-meter elevation

  3. The Long ride is 28 Km 870-meter elevation

  4. For the super fit or those on e-bikes there is an optional loop adding 4km making a 32 Km and a whopping 1,000-meter elevation.

Special Note:

Please respect some basic rules during the RMCO. Please ensure when registering for this ride you practice social distancing and wear a mask. Please do not congregate at the registration table. After on-on, ride and have fun as normal.

What a fantastic venue to restart the KLMBH Hash, it is just the tonic and a mega ride to blow out those MCO cobwebs. For those who have ridden this brilliant route before, you will recall the fast and flowing sections. The Usual Suspects return to our favourite haunt again for Bash number 300, only 30 mins north of KL. The best sections from the past bashes have been kept and we have added some brand-new connections to challenge the most seasoned riders.

At 10km there is an option for a Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik and time to sit in a restaurant and reflect on the ride so far and to contemplate the next sections or to a bail out and follow the remainder of the short route back (another 7km) to start. We strongly recommend you continue on the long (another 18km) as the scenery is fantastic and there is very little tarmac.

This really is an exhilarating ride though the wilderness and you’ll be glad you made the effort.


  1. THE SUPER SHORT RIDE is for the younger riders this bash, especially for those who want to try their first bash. We have an ultra-short loop that follows the SHORT RIDE for the first 6km before splitting off to return to the start. We recommend min 20” wheels though otherwise it may be a little too far. The Super Short Ride will be approx.: 8km and 200m elevation

  2. THE SHORT RIDE is a very ridable trail and great fun. If you are a beginner or someone who has ridden previous KLMBH short ride bashes and think it was too tough; come and enjoy this bash. You will ride easy downhill through wilderness, single track, covered palm and rubber plantation and a very scenic area which is normally experienced by riders of the long ride. The 100m hike a bike at around 5km is not difficult and worthy of the downhill. Even though the ride is approx. 17 km, it will feel like much less as the flowing trails will not take too much toll on your legs with only 380m of elevation. The Short Ride will be approx.: 17km and 380m elevation

  3. THE LONG RIDE is just the best; put on your slick tyres and ride it like you stole it. Do not come if you want a ball’s out, super tough, near death experience, do come if you want a fast-paced circumnavigation of beautiful scenery, mainly single track, forest, rubber, palm oil etc. All the climbs are doable (if you are Carlo). The ride along the SG. Buaya is just perfect. The Long ride will be 28km and 870m elevation.

  4. EXTRA LONG RIDE adds 4km section towards the end of the long ride with an additional 130m of elevation, if you are on an e-bike, this is compulsory! The xtra Long ride will be 32km and 1,000m elevation.


There are 2 shops in addition to the restaurant at the 10km mark, do check your fluids and replenish if you need it, during the recce’s we regularly consumed 3 litres of water and replenished at this point (we recommend you try the Nasi Lemak). Bring plenty of fluids, mozzie repellent, sunblock, spare tube(s), cO2 canister, bicycle tool, bicycle pump, shock pump, a pair of shoes, cable ties, spare pedals, extra saddle, brake pads.

  1. Enough Liquid is a must - you must heed this warning.

  2. Electrolytes recommended if you are a mediocre rider attempting the long ride on a very hot day.

  3. A camera to take selfie along the way.

  4. Stay on Paper!!! If you ride and you are off paper, please do the right thing and back Track to pick up paper and follow paper!!

  5. Did we mention Stay on Paper!!!!!!!

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