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We trust that everyone continues to stay safe and healthy in our KLMBH community, as well as your family and friends. Due to the on-going need to maintain social-distancing, the committee and our band of hares came up with a plan that would ensure that you could still ride new trails further afield than just Kuala Lumpur. That entails providing you with a link to download the track files, along with a ride description and directions, and letting you ride with a small group of friends whenever you want!

The hares herein have a couple of sites we have been recce’ing, and this is a start. Other hares whom were planning rides may do similar until we are once again allowed to all congregate at a bash.

In case it needs emphasizing, there will be no hares, committee, registration tent, sweepers or paper! Just head out with your friends and enjoy the terrain around Kampung Ulu Renning. Please make sure you download the track files and have a decent GPS to follow the “digital breadcrumbs”!


  • Linus

  • Tits

  • Two Dogs Fu**ing

  • Slow Cow

  • Mike

  • Morris

  • Johnny

  • Foo

Date: Whenever you want to go!

Venue: Kampung Ulu Renning


Follow the links below to get you to the parking venue. This is alongside the football field in Ulu Renning, and if you know the kampung well, you can park elsewhere. The shoulder of the road is wide enough to park completely off the tarmac.

Link to Download All Track Files:

Ulu Renning Long Ride - With River - Jun
Download • 187KB
Ulu Renning Long Ride - No River - June
Download • 186KB
Ulu Renning Short Ride - June 2020
Download GPX • 59KB

Ride Descriptions:

Long Ride With River Trek - this follows in a counter-clockwise direction, is 23.3-km long, has a 700-m river trek and about 589m of climbing. Aside from the river section, the rest is fast and flowy.

Please pay attention to the river. Under normal conditions it is clear and shin-deep. In sections, if you do not know how to read the water colors and currents, it can get deep, and in other sections you can pedal down the river!

The above is what it looks like on a normal day

If the river is like this (above), just cross over to the other side and follow the directions without the river hike!

The above is an image of the map. Follow the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

Long Ride Without River Trek - this trail is clearly as is … no river hikes. You will cross rivers though! Total distance is 21.6km, is around 538m elevation gain and you also ride this in a counter-clockwise loop.

This is a map of the long ride without the river trek (counter-clockwise)

Somewhere on the long ride!

Short Ride With No River Hike - Total distance is 9.7km and climbing 239m. If the river is shallow, or your kids are not afraid of water, it’s suitable for all ages! Ride this in a clockwise loop back to the cars.

Map of the short ride.

Post-ride cleaning/ cooling off!

And if you don’t like the ride …

Signed, Your Hares!

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