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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

  • DATE: Sunday, 1st March 2020

  • VENUE: Tekala Waterfalls

  • TIME: 09.15 for briefing, 09,30 flag off.

  • HARES: Simon Huang & Bicycleman (PCC)

  • GPS Coordinates: Google Maps | Waze

Parking is about 3km before the tekala main entrance on your right side.

Long ride: Approx. 20km

Short ride: Approx. 12km


Mostly mix of palm oil plantation, rubber and orchards. Several undulating big hills to climb, be careful when going downhill as certain section of trail are dry with loose sand and gravel. There is a fallen tree blocking the trail on the home trail on the "tekala express" section to the car park. As the volunteer hares are also running hashers, we will set the trail according to running hash style format with about 4 to 5 checks with a "pile" of paper to denote a check as well as some falsies to slow down the fast riders. Please be aware there are some signages and 'red & white ribbons' left on the same trail as bash left behind by some hiking club recently. Please ignore them and follow only the bash paper for the ride.

Short ride; The first 6km is basically sharing the same as the long trail until a sign indicating the split between long and short ride. Be prepared for some pretty steep climb. Overall is a nice scenic ride.


Head down south on Silk Highway and take the Semenyih exit. Drive past Semenyih town and turn left at traffic light and head for Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest. The actual carpark is 2 to 3 km before the main entrance.This is to avoid the limited and congested car parks at the waterfall area and deprive the picnickers from parking.

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