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Credit: Hashflash/John Castleman
  • Date: Sunday, 28th April 2019

  • Venue: Bukit Tagar

  • Time: 09:15 for the briefing, 09:30 sharp for On On

  • Hares: Colin Hercus

  • GPS Coordinates:  3.496282,101.515142  (Waze Link Google Maps Link)

This is a small holding palm estate and we have kind permission of owner to use it. Please respect this and don’t leave any garbage.

Length ~ 30km

Terrain: Mostly easy with a couple of climbs. Mix of palm, rubber and orchards.

Short Ride: The first 10km is an easy, fairly flat, and interesting ride, I suggest those wanting a short ride just turn back at 10km or before. After 10km it get’s tougher.

Notes: The hare is a running hasher and will set the trail according to the following rules:

  1. Checks will be marked with a scattered pile of paper, clearly visible. There will also be a plastic bag with some dry paper at the checks. Please collect this and use to fill in the check. Please bring back the plastic bags.

  2. All checks will break within 250m as the crow flies if on a rideable trail. Checks which are a bit more difficult and break off trail will be within 150m as the crow flies. You may have to ride further than that to get around obstacles or you may have to bush whack to get through. Don’t expect the hares to be there to help you. If you work together the checks will be easy to break.

  3. There may(will) be circular checks. They still break according to rule 2.

  4. There may be false trails. These will be 500-600m long and the paper will just end without a check. The paper will not run up a tree.

  5. Expect at least 9 checks.

  6. If you break a check you should call “ON ON” and make sure others are following and filling in the check. You can continue without waiting for all the other riders to reach the check.


1. Head North on NKVE and take Bukit Tagar exit. Exit 119

2. Proceed to toll gate and reset trip meter

3. At 1.9 km U-turn back towards the toll gates. Sign post Kawasan Industri BerjayaCity

4. At 2.8km (I.e 900m after U-turn) turn left into stand of dead palm trees. This corner will be sign posted.

5. Continue a few 100m and turn left into palm. This will be signed posted

6. After 30 or so meters turn right into palm and look for somewhere to park. This track continues in for quite a distance so please don’t block it, park off to side and make room for others.

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David Smith
David Smith
Apr 19, 2019

Hi klmbh, can i ride this as a guest? I am a fit and experienced rider in kl for the weekend and desparate to get out and about. Unfortunately i dont have a bike!!! Would happily pay anyone fair rent for decent large mtb for the event. Or if you can advise local rental shop. Contact me by email or messenger -



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