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  • Hares: Kelab MTB Naga Sg Long.

  • Date: 4th October 2020

  • Time: Briefing 9:15am sharp, ride start immediately after briefing.

  • Location: Desa Budiman, Sg. Long, Selangor

  • Address: Persiaran SL 7, Desa Budiman, Sg. Long, Selangor

  • Google Maps link:

  • Waze link:

  • Coordinates: 3°03'28.3"N 101°48'47.1"E


By this time, I think some of you may have ridden this trail countless of times or may have heard of how nice and flowy this trail is. But the local trail builders are extending every bit to the existing trail every now and then. Not to mention they are also maintaining the trail on a daily basis. For this coming Bash, we will be riding the infamous Sg. Long trail again (some called it Uncle Trail) with a mix of the old Naga trail as well. Some part of the old Naga trail has been reclaimed by nature but mostly still rideable.

The Ride

Long – Close to 16km with approximately 400m elevation gain

We will start off with a tarmac section of 2km for warm up and we promise you there is no more LMS like last year bash.

The total length of this bash is 16km. As some of you may have ridden part of this trail before, you may know where the shorter routes or short cuts are, but please follow paper and signs in order to complete this challenge we set out for you. We will put up kilometre markers at certain junction to inform how many km you have covered so far. This is because of an intersection (at KM 6) and also a 100m section that will become a 2 way flow (at R6 or KM 12 and coming back at KM 14) which is towards the end of the ride.

The trail is mostly rideable except 2 partly broken bridges at KM 3.5 and KM 4 (not rideable unless you can bunny hop over 2m long). After that, this is the only major climb which is less than 80m elevation gain. About 70% of the trail are single track, please observe the direction of the trail.

Short – Close to 13km with approximately 300m Elevation gain

Will start together with Long route until KM 3 with a sign to indicate the split between Long and Short. Will be all single track not long after the split.

A few ride tips and cautions:

  • We recommend you bring a minimum of few litres of water, spare tube, necessary bike tools and a good sense of humour. Last but not least, NO HELMET, NO RIDE!

  • The trail may be wet and muddy in some section due to raining season.

  • Please practice trail etiquette, let the fast riders to pass in the single track section. There will be few open areas to rest. Please don’t block the trail.

  • Don't forget to practice social distancing before, during and after the ride!

Stay on papers and have a great ride!!

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