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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

  • Date: 24 August 2019

  • Briefing: 4.00pm

  • Start ride: 4.30pm (Or immediately after briefing)

  • Location: Bukit Kiara Mountain Bike Trail - Hartamas Entrance (Waze / Google Maps : SMK Hartamas)

  • Coordinates: 3.158190, 101.646807

This Saturday's Bash is slightly different from bashes because first of all it is going to be a sunset ride through the legendary Bukit Kiara Mountain Bike Trails. Everybody has heard of the technical obstacles in Bukit Kiara and of course we will be showcasing the best Kiara has to offer. The route has been curated to test the best in terms of climbing, bike-handling, cornering, and most importantly descending with some hair-raising descents. With the contribution of Specialized PJ, Derrick Johnson and Aaron Chan who have added a touch of 'Enduro' to this weeks bash, this will give everyone a taste of mountain biking's new format of racing.

The route at finish will have covered approximately 20km for the "Long" route and 12km for the "short" route with 800m elevation gain and 500m respectively. We will be riding through some of Kiara's infamous trails such as Twin Peaks, Snakes & Ladders, Flinstones as well as some newer additions to spice things up. 

Most of Kiara is built up of Singletracks and the unsaid rules of Mountain Biking apply here, so please give way or move to the side if there is a rider that wants to pass. The whole route will be completely rideable as our route markers have made sure of this, so do take it up as a challenge to complete all the featured obstacles (You can bunnyhop some of the fallen trees)

We are expected to be finishing the ride before sundown so lights will not be compulsory but if you will need the extra lights during sunset, it will be advisable to bring them. We have decided to pull this year’s Kiara Bash earlier due to Kiara’s technical nature and we want everyone to experience the fun of these trails with the best conditions during the day, the evening! - not too hot, not too busy with hikers and walkers in the trails.

This will be a perfect way to spend your weekend with great company within the love of being outdoors on two wheels and exploring nature. Expect a good sweat and an escape from your busy city life with this weeks bash bringing you through the technical trails of Bukit Kiara, whether climbing, maneuvering or descending.

The usual precautions apply when attending this event:

  • We are riding in nature which tends to be populated by animals that are more scared of you than you of them. Make plenty of noise to let them know you are coming rather than sneak up and get them to run away in an unpredictable direction.

  • It’s hot, bring at least 3 liter water per rider. Food (Bananas, Gels & Bars) will be highly advisable because Kiara climbs can be quite killer on calories.

  • Make sure your bike is in order. It is a long walk back. A spare tube and some basic tool is advisable.

  • We have no sweeper on the ride, but you may be able to get a Grab car to pick you up in case you end up somewhere unintended.

  • Follow paper at all time.


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