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(pic) Follow the paper, follow the paper, follow…

TLDR, the kids route was perfectly done and awesome! Just what we needed to introduce our children to the joys of mtb. Kudos to the route setters!

We took a long break from mountain biking since having kids, both our bikes neglected in corner longing for a return to their natural habitat. An MCO later, with both bikes "properly" serviced we were ready for a return to former glory, only now with 2 rascals in tow.

But holy moly! It was quite a challenge finding suitable mtb routes for kids their age (at 7 and 5). So what were the choices? Bringing them to either kiara or pcp would be close to infanticide. We tried FRIM, but it's closed to bikers (we found that out at the entrance), tried Tekas XCO but its closed for renovation, while Paya Indah was a nice place, the trails were gobbled up by Gamuda and its restricted to bikers (so they can charge you for a 4wd "Eco" ride to an essentially free park). To add on most recreational parks like Taman tasik titiwangsa, while a fun place for kids, only had paved cycling lanes (ie roadie corruption).

So imagine our delight when we read that a kiddies section was available for the Bentong bash! "Almost zero gradient... Scenic around the dam", talk about click bait man... On on!

Dragging our asses up early in the morning, and an "are we there yet" later, we reached the designated river side parking early and eager (the kids not so much yet). Looking around it was great to see familiar faces again after all these years. Talk about bash dedication.

After a thorough briefing, we were off! And found out we had essentially the whole kid's route to ourselves. Crossing the road bridge and turning off road to the left, the initial double track was shared by all riders. Zero gradient indeed, so far so good :) It was easy enough for the youngster's 14 inch single speed (hardcore yo) . The dry and unrutted trail brought us through a fruit farm of cempedak and bunga kantans. A short rest later we eventually reached the kid's route branch off where we were greeted by the route setters, applauding the kids as encouragement (thanks again!). The challenge then began for the boys, some gradients were just a little out of reach and a mud pit here and there (ie proper mtb route). I think we past a durian farm before finally topping the dam embankment. Crossing the "papa I was afraid a plank was missing" bridge (which was actually fine & sturdy) we reached the picture perfect lake.

(pic) Took so many photos someone got upset.

Now the climbs were tiring the typically untireable kids, it was time for a muffin break! That cocktail of chocolate and sugar was a well deserved refuel but the final stretch proved a bit too much for our single speed hero. Mom had to bring out the tug rope for the last 100m back to the car. Well done boys for completing your first bash :)

All in all, a great time at Bentong!

(pic) Perfect ending at the river. Thanks to another basher for the recommendation.

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