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This was my first KLMBH hash, in fact it’s the first time I have been riding outside of Bukit Kiara. I arrived in KL in the midst of covid and lockdowns. Getting out on my mountain bike is my bit of escapism and road riding is not for me really (you never see a roadie smile eh?). I live close to Bukit Kiara so despite lockdowns I was at least able to get out regularly. Still, I have been keen to ride somewhere different and just get out there now restrictions are hopefully no longer part of our lives.

Just loading the bike for the car journey seems odd after so long, but it is just one of those normal activities we need to get used to again. A short trip north on the highway got me to the meet for the hash with little thought on what to expect. I was impressed to see a good turnout with around 80 riders.

For a complete novice like me the hash is simply a trail prepared by the volunteers to follow but breaks in the trail mean you must search where it picks up again. This may mean backtracking, looping around or simply looking ahead to where it picks up again. This provides a lot more interest in the event and teamwork is required to find and get back on the trail. Equally those treating it as a race may be disappointed, as the trail may be picked up again further back allowing riders just arriving there to go straight on, which is fine by me. I certainly ended up on a fruitless hunt for the trail, while further back the trail had already been picked up.

I am happy to ride a range of terrain but took my hardtail with me for the hash, which worked out great. This hash took place largely in a palm oil plantation and this provided a good range of easy going double / single track, with some mud of course from the previous days rain. At the same time the organisers included some river or stream crossings for a challenge and getting your feet wet! There was also the option for a shorter or longer route (8/21 km) so a good chance for the younger riders to get involved.

I took the longer route and really enjoyed the hunt for the trails and the day. Certainly, glad to finish with the day warming up and welcomed a beer back at the start.

I think a lot of credit should go to the organisers for the time to create the routes, providing a meet for riders and the community spirit that goes with it. I will definitely be joining the hash meets again when I can.

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