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For to 60 riders who registered for the bash and those regulars who won’t pay the nominal RM 20 fee and join after the on, it was surely a treat. And for those of us who turned up thinking it was going to be another wonderful ride through the Sg. Long regular trails we were not disappointed. The weather was kind to us and the dry spell on Saturday and the cool temperature on Bash day made conditions ideal.

The addition of the first 2km road ride was a welcome warm up for the totally unexpected climb, followed by the one and only check which sent most of us further up the hill only to turn around when the check was finally closed downhill. This new single trail was thoroughly enjoyable, the climbs were brutal but thankfully not too long and soon we were into familiar territory. The trail preparation was spot on, in good condition and well-marked with some innovative Km markings. And to keep it fresh, some new extensions were added.

I must admit, I had forgotten the amount of elevation, and if the riding wasn’t so enthralling, I could have been tempted to bail out before the start of London Bridge. Glad I didn’t as this trail has some of the best downhill section, berms and ends with a succession of small jumps. For those who have not ridden this trail, it is really a must, flowy trail, challenging switch backs, technical sections, roots, jumps all 100% rideable and under the cover of the forest canopy and you are never too far from the car, suitable for all riding abilities.

Thanks to Ben Tan and the team, not only for the effort of setting a bash, but also for the spirit of the occasion and for providing some well-earned refreshments at the end. This third bash here will surely not be the last.

Don’t forget the next bash is a night bash in Bukit Kiara on Saturday 31st October (Halloween). Do join as this will be fun in the dark, no paper only glow sticks to follow.

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