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When we arrived, there was a small muddy puddle for us kids to entertain ourselves. Some time after our arrival, there was briefing. The people giving briefing kept on talking so much, I just daydreamed while the spoke. Oops! Big mistake. I was just thinking about starting when someone called my name. I looked around and figured I had to do the short scribe. My dad was the announcer so I couldn’t say no! I’d probably get the Rotan!

At the start of the hash, all the people went on the same path up a steep hill. Oh no! We got stuck and now everyone had to get off and push! We cleared the hill and reached a fork where most people went for the long. The short is 8km after all! Immediately afterwards, there was a long uphill on a gravel road but on the downhill it suddenly surprised us as it had morphed into a concrete path. Really, in the middle of the forest!? It was quite odd.

Soon, we entered a new patch of land ready for plantation. It was different from the hills because we had exited the shade of the trees and we were now out in the hot sun. It was also the first time that we realised how high we were. We rode through it admiring the scene.

Zooming down from the plantation, we turned left and went through a short singletrack and then out onto the road.

When we finished, we were hungry for more because it was over too quickly. The ride scenery was very beautiful. Most of us rode the short trail a couple more times just to enjoy the view. It has been a pleasure to ride this and the others before. To enjoy that experience, come for our next hash. We can’t promise a fun ride, but we can promise you a ride you will never forget.

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