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  • Hares: Benjamin, Huey, Swenson, Tattoo, Wendy, Soon, Louis

  • Date: 29th October 2022

  • Time: Briefing 6:45pm sharp, ride start immediately after briefing

  • Location: Desa Budiman, Sg. Long, Selangor

  • Address: Persiaran SL 7, Desa Budiman, Sg. Long, Selangor (Google Maps | Waze)

  • Coordinates: 3.057841, 101.813030


2 years have passed since the last bash was held here. A lot of changes has happened to the trail. Quite a few extension has been added to this trail but also quite a number of shortcuts were created (for those who don’t want to take the challenge to ride the complete loop). Some of you may have ridden here countless times since the last bash in Sg. Long, but have you tried riding this trail at night? Some highlights of this trail are the never ending switchbacks. Close to 50 switchbacks, depending on how you want to categorise a switchback. And most of the switchbacks are ascending.

The Ride

There won’t be a Long or a Short. Just a single 13km loop with approximately 400m of elevation gain. Just a short distance on tarmac from the briefing point to the trail head. The rest will be all single track offroad. The trails are all 100% rideable. This ride is suitable for all skill level MTB riders. But be prepared to have a few technical climbs (switchback).

There will be no cut off time and no sweeper. Just follow paper and you’ll be alright. Note, it is a single track trail. Lesser papers will be laid along the trail. More papers will be laid at some junctions or splits. There will be few signage showing “Long and Short” Please follow LONG only. The SHORT are too easy and no fun to ride.

A few night ride tips and cautions:

  • This is a night ride. Please bring along some lights. There are lots of winding single trail. We recommend at least 2 front light - 1 headlight & 1 handlebar light, and 1 rear blinker.

  • Please follow paper. There may be lights everywhere in the trail. If you follow other riders light. You may end up going in circle or in a ditch.

  • For the inexperienced riders or those with dimmer lights. If you are not sure on certain parts of the trails. Please push your bike or let someone lead the way.

  • We recommend you to bring a minimum of 3 litres of water, bike lights, spare tube, necessary bike tools and a good sense of humour.

  • Last but not least, NO HELMET, NO LIGHTS, NO RIDE!

Stay on papers and have a great ride!!

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