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This Sunday it’s that time of the month for a nice XC ride through Malaysia’s countryside. The hare and co-hares James, Patrick, Karen and Siavash have tried their best once again to make a route including a mix of fast and interesting single/double tracks, secondary forest, a few mild climbs and some quiet kampong roads. After a good 40 hours of cycling, chopping and cutting trees the route is officially certified hike-a-bike free for FRBs.

The route ended up in a short ride of around 11km, with 200m elevation gain which is doable even for our young and unexperienced KLMBHers. The route will include riding through an area which gives the impression that an otherwise greedy developer had a change of heart and decided to pass back a large area to a couple of families of wild boar. Interesting terrain and sometimes even a bit creepy.

The first extension to the long ride adds 12km with another 350m elevation gain that includes the zig-zag down and subsequent short, tough, but bikeable climb on this photo here. On this section unfortunately some construction machinery has been spotted the last couple of weeks so the rideable area here is getting reduced.

For the FRBs still longing for an extended workout there is an extra loop adding additional 7km, 250m elevation gain which makes the total 30km. Even this last loop has some very nice single track sections.

The usual cautions apply when attending this event:

  • We are riding in nature which tends to be populated by animals that are more scared of you than you of them. Make plenty of noise to let them know you are coming rather than sneak up and get them to run away in an unpredictable direction. Plenty wild boars and cows have been spotted.

  • Some of the route as well as the approach of the KLMBH starting point is going kampong roads. We intentionally have not put paper down so while in kampong look for KLMBH signs with a blue arrow. We are guest to the people living here so behave as such especially when driving and parking cars.

  • It’s hot, bring at least 3ltr water per rider

  • Make sure your bike is in order. It is a long walk back.

  • We have no sweeper on the ride, but you may be able to get a Grab car to pick you up in case you end up somewhere unintended

  • Follow paper at all time. We have had riders coming along for recce thinking they could outsmart us and finally were home just before dinner while the rest of us were at the coconut stall down the road by 1pm.


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