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Updated: May 23, 2019

Pic: TDF easily wading his 1.91m tall body across a river!

  • Hares: TDF, Linus, Tits and Mike Phoon

  • Date: Sunday, 26 May 2019

  • Time: Pre-Brief at 9:15 am sharp/ Riders off at 9:30 am sharp

  • Venue: Batang Kali/ Ulu Tamu/ Ulu Renning

  • GPS Coordinates: 3°27'48.1"N 101°40'51.5"E

  • Google Directions: click here

  • Waze Directions: click here

Note about Parking Venue: this is on a dirt road that crosses over a river. When you turn off of the main road, go past an abandoned guardhouse and piles of trash. The road is smooth having been recently leveled, and there is plenty of parking both before and after the bridge with wide shoulders. The canopy, committee and Hare’s vehicles will park on top of the cement bridge. Please park at an angle or perpendicular to the road where possible.


You will be going through the usual orchards, kampung roads, bamboo, rubber and palm estates that this area is well known for, plus an orang asli settlement or two! If you see a trespassing sign or two, ignore them! If questioned by anyone, plead ignorance and continue on saying that we have authorization from the manager to be in there.

Pic: No entry. Really? Pffffffff

The short ride is 11.8-km with 334-m climbing and is together with the long for the first 8.5-km of the ride. The long ride is 29.2-km with 742-m climbing. While it sounds daunting, it’s not. The ride is quite easy. However, caution: if you are afraid of water, don’t like pushing/ carrying/ swimming with your bike, you may want to recalibrate your mind and still join us!

Pic: those are piranhas aren’t they?

Unfortunately, thanks to recent tree clearing, the ride will be in the open in a few sections. Put on sunblock, and put more on after each water encounter! Same applies to mozzie spray which you will need an abundance of inside the Ulu Tamu area!

Pic: Linus and Mike rubbing on mozzie spray!

Detailed Directions:

From Jalan Kuching / Batu Caves

  1. Take Jalan Kuching north towards Selayang

  2. 4-km after the Duke Highway overpass, take the left ramp/ exit towards Kuantan/ Kepong

  3. At the traffic light at the round about above Jalan Kuching, take the 3rd exit (3 O’Clock) towards Kuantan/ Batu Caves

  4. Proceed 250 meters and take the left slip road

  5. Go over three or four speedbumps and at the fork go straight (not left).

  6. Proceed 200-m to the T-Junction/ traffic light and turn left on Jalan Batu Caves

  7. Proceed 250-m to the next traffic light (four way intersection with a mosque on your right) and turn right onto Jalan Sungai Tua

  8. Stay on this road passing numerous traffic lights and speed bumps, and about 3.5-km later you will see a Petronas station on your left. About 150-meters later turn right where it is sign-posted “Ulu Yam Baru”

  9. Stay on this what-used-to-be-a-lovely-road-until-they-blocked-the-dam-with-a-fence (just like Kiara) for 22-km.

  10. At the T-Junction just over a small bridge, turn left and enter into Ulu Yam Baru

  11. Turn right in the heart of Ulu Yam Baru (900 meters after the T-Junction)

  12. Proceed for 2.2-km to the first major intersection and turn right towards Genting Highlands

  13. Go another 2.1-km and turn left onto a slip road.

  14. Meander past some lovely palm trees.

  15. 1.4 km later you will turn right into the parking area

Alternative Direction (Via Rawang/ Serendah)

  1. Take Jalan Kuching North past Templer Park (on your right)

  2. As you pass Commonwealth Park (on your left), keep to the right for the Rawang Bypass sign. It should be signposted “Serendah”.

  3. Follow this elevated highway all the way to Rte 1, keeping right as it ends … still heading towards Serendah.

  4. Go through the sleepy town of Serendah

  5. Go past the Antara Gapi housing estate

  6. About 2-km past this you will see the right turning for Ulu Yam Baru… follow the signs! You will go through Ulu Yam Lama first, and when you enter Ulu Yam Baru, turn left towards Genting

  7. Pick up the directions from #12 above!

Alternative #3 – follow the Google or Waze link at the beginning of this article!

Pic: a bridge on the River Kwai!

A little note about the trail markings. We will be using square and shredded paper, and flour. Shredded paper will be used in places where we want to make sure you make a turn or where someone may pick up the paper. Flour will be used in the kampung. Signs will delineate the long/ short/ on-home trails. Keep your eyes open unless you have an itch to do the wrong trail ;-)!

Pic: Mike enjoying the day!

Pic: damnit man. More sand in my shoes :-(

Pic: Lost. TDF last seen here!


Your trusty Hares


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