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KLMBH #290 Bukit Tagar (28/04/2019) – Short Ride Report

After reading Mat’s report of the #289 short ride I decided it was time my 8yo son had his first MTB hash experience. Rowan has been to Putrajaya Challenge Park a few times and has experience of some of the easy trails in Bukit Kiara. Reading the description of #290 short, it seemed a perfect opportunity. We had spent the previous day on our butts watching the Avengers Endgame movie so it was great to get out of the city and get some exercise.

The start of the trail was nice, easy 4WD track through lush forest and palm plantation. A great start for novice rider. It was loads of fun blasting along this track enjoying the mud as we went. After a few K of 4WD track the trail blended into some lovely flowing single track. Then came a few tricky sections that needed a close eye kept on the paper in order not to go off course.

There were a few challenging bridges that needed some nerve to negotiate. Rowan did better than me on these! I usually prefer a loop than a straight there-and-back type trail. However, in this instance it was perfect as it was clear, around the 8km mark, that my wee man was getting tired. We had a break and simply turned round and headed back through all the good stuff we had already done.

All-in-all it was a perfect day out on our bikes. The short trailgave him enough of a challenge. He managed to make all the climbs and most of the bridges/crossings. This was also his first experience of following paper, allowing him to perfect his “On On” cry.

A big thanks to KLMBH and the Hare(s) for this trail. We feel privileged living is such a beautiful country and the bike hash has always been a great way of getting out-and-about and into areas we would never explore on our own. It was also a perfect anti-dote to our popcorn fueled Saturday.

Keep up the good work guys. We look forward to the next hash in another beautiful location.


Tom Kirkwood (& Rowan)

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